Address at the New Year’s Meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland

Mr. President,

Mrs. Speaker of the Sejm, Mr. Speaker of the Senate,

Mr. Prime Minister,

Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Dear Colleagues of the Diplomatic Corps,

Ladies and Gentlemen!

1. On behalf of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Poland, I am privileged once again this year to greet His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Poland and his Spouse, and to extend our best wishes for peace and prosperity in the New Year.

For some of the countries we represent, the year 2019 was marked with celebrations of the hundredth anniversary of establishing or restoring diplomatic relations with a reborn Poland.

We thank the President as well as the Polish authorities for their kind participation in these celebrations.

2. The first days of the New Year constitute a natural time for us all to reflect on the past year. We are all aware of the challenges and difficulties which the international community is currently facing. We realize that they cannot be solved overnight. Nonetheless, we remain confident in the systematic efforts through which the international community is aiming to overcome them. It is purposefully for this reason that we wish to thank Poland for its two-year stint as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

We express our appreciation for the sterling work carried out by the Polish delegation on a number of peace initiatives.

We are also glad with the progress registered in raising environmental awareness. It is known that the way to develop positive solutions on climate issues remains arduous.  However, it is equally important that the awareness and concern of the world around us, is being systematically awaken.  Also,  Pope Francis, in his New Year’s message, referred to these issues when he spoke of: ‘deeper motivation and a new way to dwell in our common home” (Message for the celebration of the 53rd World Day of Peace, n. 4).

Dear Mr. President.

3. The parliamentary elections in October last year were possibly the most important political event in Poland. With a significant voter turnout, both Houses of the Polish Parliament were successfully formed. We congratulate all those who, as a result of these elections, were called to the collective exercise of legislative power in this State.

We also congratulate the newly formed cabinet of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

4. We followed your speech during the first meeting of the newly elected Sejm of the Republic of Poland, very carefully Mr. President. Amongst other things, you said the following (and I quote):

“Our common tradition of over one thousand and fifty years of existence of the Polish State, which grew on Christian roots (…).

But there are many cultures that met in this land because it is special, at a crossroads of many routes leading from Asia to Europe and in different European directions. It was happening, that’s how our society has been shaped for centuries. This is important because this is our great tradition growing on Christian roots, but a tradition of great respect towards all others, including those with different religious or ideal views”.

These words – which relate closely to Polish tradition – happen to be also the pillars on which to build its place in the family of European and world nations, maintaining, in so doing, good relations with traditionally friendly countries in Europe, both Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

We also augur Poland success following its election to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2020-2022 term.  It confirms the important role which this country is playing on the international scene, which should enable it also to contribute to the efficient work of this important body.

Dear Mr. President!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

5. We are all present here living this Polish reality, which assigns our tasks and our relations with the State which hosts us. Today, we submit to you, Mr. President, our sincere best wishes to the entire Polish society. We wish that the New Year would bring happiness to all the inhabitants of this land. May it also bring good.

We extend our best wishes to you, Mr. President, and to your Spouse, to both Houses of the Polish Parliament, to the Government, the Judicial and Local authorities.

Happy New Year!