Address at the New Year’s Meeting with the President of the Republic of Poland

Your Excellency, Mr President,

Mr Speaker of the Sejm,

Mr Speaker of the Senate,

Mr Prime Minister,

Mr Minister of Foreign Affairs,

Representatives of the Judiciary,

Ladies and Gentlemen!


  1. According to the Christmas custom, the Diplomatic corps and its Dean come to the Presidential Palace in Warsaw at the invitation of the President and his spouse to welcome together the New Year and to convey our salutations to the Head of the Polish State.

On behalf of all the Ambassadors accredited in Poland, I have the honor and pleasure to greet the President and his spouse as well as to convey our best wishes for peace and prosperity in the New Year.


  1. In the first days of each year we are overwhelmed by our reflection over some of the issues and events that transpired in the year that passed. Although we are aware of various difficulties and challenges encountered, still we are optimistic with the beginning of a new year in the continuing history of the world, and its prospects and possibilities for the countries we represent and the country which host us. This is an optimism that does not overlook the problems and huge tasks which the international community and the individual states are facing, but continues to look forward.

The recent meeting in Katowice is a manifestation of this optimism which takes responsibility for the future of humanity. The International Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24) highlighted the current climate situation. It provides the next step on the path to adopting such rules of conduct which will favor the reasonable management of natural resources that will limit the negative aspects of irresponsible economic interests. The efficient organization of a logistically difficult and successful meeting moves us to express cordial thanks to the Polish central and local authorities.

  1. The world is constantly struggling with difficult situations, but despite the commitment and many efforts of people, still some feel the effects of bad will, crime, abuse, enslavement and discrimination. Violence in social life and in relation to individuals also force many to flee from war, hostility and intolerance. In this year’s address for the World Day of Peace, Pope Francis reminded all that good politics is at the service of peace.

As representatives of the missions present here and as a whole of the Diplomatic Corps, we are committed and are determined to strive for even more persistent efforts to attain a better tomorrow, especially for those who live in poverty and injustice.


Mr. President!


Our missions in this country in 2018 were carried out in the atmosphere of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Independence of Poland after the First World War. We witnessed the joy with which Poles celebrated this important milestone, and we were made aware and gratefully recalled those times, events, circumstances and people that change the course of the history of this country, of Europe and of the world.

During the speech on the occasion of last year’s Independence Day celebrated on November 11, you Mr. President, eloquently addressed those who had fought for independence with these significant words:

People who were not only extremely brave, intelligent, skillful – like the Independence Fathers (…) but who could be together, who could be united to reach this most important goal, namely, to regain Poland, so that it simply could exist. (…)

We share in the joy of Poland and its people and we acknowledge with respect the international activity of this noble country. We look with particular admiration at Poland’s positive role in the United Nations Security Council, including the rotating chairmanship of this body. We are pleased to note the frequent international visits of the President to various parts of the world and the reception of many distinguished guests in Poland. This contributes, alongside numerous governmental visits, to deepening Poland’s good relations with the friendly countries of Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


We also cannot fail to congratulate the Polish national team for winning the volleyball world championship last year.

Mr President,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  1. Sharing the joys and concerns of the State that welcomes us, we convey to you Mr. President our heartfelt best wishes for the entire Polish society. May this New Year be an auspicious time for everyone without exception; may it bring new achievements in solving difficult matters; may it be a consolidation of what is good and even of what is better.

We also express our cordial greetings to you Mr. President and Madam Duda, both chambers of the Polish Parliament, the government, the judiciary, as well as the local government authorities who have initiated their work after last year’s elections.

* * * * *

And we wish to remember the President of Gdańsk who dead today, and his Family.